Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Night Football

A double dip tonight in the NFL and I have two words for the smart betters: Stay Away. The Chargers are notorious for being slow starters, and the Chiefs are just plain awful. This game could go any direction and I don't suggest betting any part of it. Same goes with the Jets/Ravens. Both the Ravens and Jets are doing lots of trash talking for a lot of stuff that was done ON PAPER. In reality, no one knows how Flacco will gel with his bevy of new receivers. Additionally, Sanchez was a terrible QB in the regular season last year. If the playoffs Sanchez shows up, then the Jets are in business. I don't believe that Sanchez will be moving the ball well against a motivated, talented, and prepared Ravens defense. If you had to bet on something for this game, take the under on visible, televised curse words coming from Rex Ryan's mouth.

1 comment:

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