Friday, September 10, 2010

Pre-Flight Thoughts

1. Why is Tampa Bay giving points to anybody? Currently, Sheridan's line in the USA Today has TB giving three points to Cleveland (one of the hottest teams at the end of last year).

2. If you have Jerome Harrison on your fantasy team, start him.

3. Since when was Buffalo even close to as good as Miami? Miami is only giving three points on most betting lines. It is assumed that three points are awarded to the home team for home field advantage, so this means that Buffalo is only three points worse than Miami. Not even close. Buffalo could be one of the worst constructed teams in the NFL. I took Miami for survivor this week, lets put it that way...

4. Why is the average pilot's starting salary less than someone who works in a consumer electronics store?

5. Since when was wearing UGG boots and a miniskirt ok? Especially when it's neither raining, snowing, or night time at a club. That is just a load of bad decisions in one place.

6. ACC might have a big weekend on the betting lines. Like Miami and Florida State covering this weekend. Wait until the last minute to see the lines though..

7. Was not packing any shorts a bad idea for Vegas?

1 comment:

  1. 1+2) AGREED! Go Browns!
    3) AGREED! and locked as survivor!
    4) Pilots are auto-members of the mile-high club?
    5) She can wear whatever she wants so long as she has a mini-skirt on...
    6) FSU, yes. Miami, no.
    7) Terrible idea: