Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Look Lakers next season

For all of those who don't already know, the LA Lakers have swept out of the NBA playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks. To make matters worse, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum were ejected for cheap shots during the 4th quarter. Who would have thought that Ron Artest would be escorting a player off the court after an ejection. These ejections will warrant suspensions that will begin at the beginning of the next basketball season whenever that may be(stay tuned for lockout coverage starting July 1).
Odom and Bynum may have also cashed their last checks from the Lakers as well. This embarrassment will not go unpunished by the Lakers, who have been known as class acts throughout its illustrious history. It would behoove the Lakers to look for suitors for the sixth man of the year in Lamar Odom, and possibly include him in a package that revolves around Andrew Bynum, who is one of the few legitimate centers in the league.
One team that has proven in recent history that it will take on questionable contracts in the hope that they will turn their careers around is the Orlando Magic (i.e. Gilbert Arenas and Hedu Turkoglu). Additionally, Orlando has an unhappy superstar in Dwight Howard, and may be forced to trade the face of their franchise just like the Denver Nuggets had to with Carmelo Anthony. Odom has been a part of franchise-changing trade involving the Lakers before as one of the key pieces returning to LA in the Shaquille O'Neal trade. History may repeat itself when Orlando loses another big man to the Lakers. Hopefully this time they will learn from their mistake and get something back for said big man. Stay tuned for more NBA off-season excitement to come.