Monday, June 13, 2011

...Now the real NBA tension begins.

First, congrats to Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks for disposing the Miami Heat in six games. Now, the most exciting part of the NBA occurs...labor talks. If you thought that the finals had drama, just wait until the billionaires of the NBA tell the millionaires of the NBA that the millionaires are leaching money from the billionaires. Yikes.

There is a very strong possibility that the NBA will not have a full season (if at all) this coming October. If you thought that the NFL has labor issues, the NBA labor talks will get ugly and may result in that awful C-word. Contraction. Unlike the NFL, the NBA is not making $9 billion annually. In fact, one of the main disagreements between commissioner David Stern and players union leader Billy Hunter is how much money the league is losing per year. Stern argues that the league is losing hundreds of millions of dollars every year and will not operate under the current financial structure. Hunter argues that the league is not losing as much money as publicized by Stern. If the NFL's offseason teaches us anything, it's that owners and players will not budge on their positions regarding money until the 11th hour. Additionally, the owners have no problem delaying a season to see how the players handle not receiving their paychecks. Unless the players or the owners cave on all financial demands, the NBA season will be delayed or cancelled.

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