Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stanley Cup Game 4 Prediction

So many storylines for tonight's game 4 between Vancouver and Boston in Boston. First, there's the 'must win' title attached to the game for Boston, who can not afford to go down 3-1 heading back to Vancouver for what could be an elimination game. I have said previously that Vancouver will win this series in five games so I do not believe that Boston can avoid this fate but here are my keys to the game and what it would take for each team to win.

Boston will win if: They play the game at their speed. The Bruins are a microcosm of the Northeast because they are a grinding team. End-to-end play exchanging odd-man rushes is not a situation Boston can excel in. Additionally, goaltender Tim Thomas MUST be the best player on the ice at all times. He can not allow any Roberto Luongo-like goals. Goals will be at a premium tonight and the referees will be very strict tonight after all of the fisticuffs in games 1-3. Boston must make game 4 a chip-and-chase game for both teams and not let Vancouver use its superior speed.

Vancouver will win if: They get an early lead. The Canucks must let Boston know that they will not be pushed around and that the 8-1 embarrassment is a thing of the past. Previously in these playoffs, Vancouver almost let a 3-0 series lead slip away to Chicago, and that started with a 7-2 loss. The Canucks can not let that kind of momentum swing happen again. Boston is better than Chicago and, with Nathan Horton out, has something and someone to play for. Vancouver has let the door slip open just a tad, but an early goal will slam that door shut.

My Prediction: Vancouver 4 - Boston 2 leading to what will be a formality in the series-clinching game 5.


  1. I like how Milbury referred to the Sedin twins as Thelma and Louise after the 2nd intermission. Talk about momentum swing in the series. Vancouver better step it up or else the cup will be making a major pub crawl from North End to Fenway

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