Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Joey Pahsons with Joseph Parsons

Joey Pahsons with Joseph Parsons

Good Day to you readers. It’s the first time posting and I have to say kind of thrilling. Coming up with material can be loathsome sometimes so it’s better off to use some ideas from books I’ve read over the years. After all a famous author once wrote that 90 percent of writing is stealing from other writers. Lots going on in the sports world these days so I figured why not have fun with it. Anyone not living on Mars has Itunes or some shape and form of musical device. Maybe you play the banjo. It is with this in mind that I hit the ole shuffle and see what ten songs come up and relate them to current sporting events/news. Now, we’ve all been there where you hit shuffle, look at the songs that come up, then immediately hit refresh to get another set of songs. However, for the purposes of the column I’ll stick to the first go around. This could be embarrassing but it’s all good.

Veronica, Elvis Costello-
To Hope Solo who may or may not beat up men for kicks.

Hey Foxymophandlemama, Pearl Jam-
Vitalogy. Very underrated album.The NHL owners, Gary Bettman and NHLPA. Anyone hear Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs send a few pot shots at the NHLPA? This would be comical if it was not so pathetic since he spearheaded the lockout to begin with. Well, I cannot blame him entirely but I will. Queue the bitter Boston Bruins fan. Oh, wait they have won a cup and have a solid team. Nah, I’ll still whine. After all it’s every Boston sports fans right.

People are Strange, The Doors-
Mario Balotelli, who can be breathtaking one minute for Italia or Manchester City, then do something inexplicable off the field. Looks like he may be leaving the Premier League for AC Milan so stay tuned.

Hold Back the Rain, Duran Duran-
Her name is Rio and she dances in the Sand...why did this song come up? To the New England Patriots. Homer I am, but when their defense is on the field, it’s hard not to develop an eye twitch. The second half against Baltimore was embarrassing. I will now blast the offense as well for having no sack. How many times do I have to watch teams with an actual pass rush(NY Giants, Baltimore, San Francisco) beat up the Patriots?
I’m Sticking with You, The Velvet Underground-
Not going to lie I got a hold of this song after watching Juno. The soundtrack is so choice. To The Boston Red Sox. Nothing they have done this off season has made me wash the stench of a last season. On paper they are not much improved. Ryan Dempster? You can keep him. Then again when fielding a minor league squad like last fall, who knows. I am a Shane Victorino fan, however. Oh and if Dempster wins 15-20 I'll retract. Haha.

Do you Feel Loved, U2-
Pop, a very underrated U2 effort. Clint Dempsey. I keep telling everyone he can ball. Every time you count him out, he comes up with big goal for the US national team or the Tottenham Spurs for the premier league. His game tying goal against “mighty” Manchester United proved it. This is soccer or futbol for anyone that cares.

Rain, Rusted Root-
The NBA has my interest now more than ever. Fantasy Basketball team owner? Are you kidding me? No, I do and my team is using James Harden to make a charge for the playoffs. As much as I was saddened and depressed during the NHL lockout, I watched more basketball than usual. And for the record, yes Chandler Parsons is on my squad. Nice to see a Pahsons in the NBA.

Dirty Water, Dropkick Murphys-
Great live cover from this band. No real news here other than a shout out to my favorite city in the world. Danny O’connor is bringing boxing back to the TD Garden this weekend. Wait, Irish American fighter from Boston? Good times hopefully.

A Comet Appears, The Shins-
Stan Musial. As a historian of the game, I always enjoyed reading about Stan the Man and Sandy Koufax. Rest in peace Stan. Earl Weaver as well. Blow hole that he was.

Cold Wind Blows, Eminem
Hockey is back! Well it never really left as a sport in general but having NHL games to watch is great. Not to mention the USA Mens junior team won the gold medal in the tournament over Sweden. Good times. There’s rumbling of an NHL team moving to Seattle, WA. That would be cool. The Supersonics back in Seattle for basketball AND a hockey team? Stay tuned.

Thanks everyone. It’s been emotional.

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