Monday, January 28, 2013

MLB pre-pee

Joey Pahsons with Joseph Parsons

Flipping Omelets 2013 Major League Baseball Style

Welcome to the pre MLB preview column sautéed not fried.  Years, ago I was on one of those road trips with my grandparents. You know, the one where you go to all these places and see things that put one in a coma. Well it was not bad but I was trying to come up with an angle for my baseball preview.  Well, we happened to stop in Augusta, ME at this restaurant called Millers. In its belly is an all you can eat buffet filled with any cuisine you could like, pasta bar, meat, salad bar, meat. Well, you get the idea. Anything and everything.  Not sure if it exists anymore but props. If I was not a kid at the time it would be heaven. Instead I ate some and dreaded driving around the Bay of Fundy and Nova Scotia. With this in mind I have selected a culinary treat meter as a sample for MLB as we get ready to embark on another baseball trip. Predictions are coming soon.

Brazilian BBQ- Check out Midwest Grill on Mass Ave. Choice meats carved off the bone to serve with all the fixings. A truly awesome experience. And Fitting. With this we get our top tier:

Washington Nationals

Stacked lineup with my man crush Bryce Harper about to bust out.  Very savvy move adding Soriano to shore up an already good bullpen. Why do they call it a bullpen anyway? From watching rodeo, they pinch the bulls balls to get it going. Then again, I will now shut up as that is a good way to hype a reliever.

Atlanta Braves

Got to love an outfield of Upton squared with Heyward. Good times. Chipper is one of my all time faves and will be missed. Pitching. NL east is going to be tough.

California Angels

Stacked. Big Josh Hamilton fan and with Trout and  Pujols “could” be a devasting lineup. Don’t rush to judgment on these things however. Pitching staff with Weaver and CJ Wilson has questions. Both had health issues last season. Both can dominate when healthy. We shall see.

New York Yankees

Pains me to write this but lets be real. They have a good lineup for that short right field porch joke they call a stadium. Hey I have an idea, lets build a stadium and have all players who can hit a golf shot over the short fence and call it a home run. Lead MLB in homers, and act like nobody cares, then get shut out in the playoffs. Wait, there I go being impartial.  Really it all comes down to Sabathia and Kuroda. Seeing a theme here.? Pitching people.

Detroit Tigers

Cabrera and Fielder not to be counted out. Plus, Victor Martinez back. I was always pissed the Red Sox did not resign him but I digress.  Oh, and getting back to a Theme, Verlander stud and if Scherzer  and Doug Fister can contribute things look good.

San Francisco Giants

Buster Posey is a beast and love the name. Great baseball name. I still keep thinking they will come crashing back to earth but two world series championships in a few years and, “wait for it” great pitching has carried them. Hopeful Tim Lincecum gets his sexy back and Matt Cain, Madison Bumgarner do what they do.

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