Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl 47 Predictions: The Harbowl

San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens
It's all come down to this.  The Harbowl as predicted by +Dave Gottlieb (@davegot) after week 1.  If you want the entertainment prop bets, please go here.  Is anyone else sick of the "Harbowl" yet?  Yeah, me too.  SO let's just move on to some (hopefully) money-making predictions.

  • Will Either Team Score 3 Consecutive Times: No (+150): This game does not feel like its going to be a game of streaks.  Both teams seem very evenly matched.  Plus, David Akers has tons of confidence problems kicking FG for SF, and I think SF will do the majority of the scoring.  This opens up the door for Justin Tucker to kick the sporadic FG to stop any streakiness of the Niners.
  • Will There Be A Scoreless Quarter in the Game: Yes (+300): And I think it'll be the third quarter, specifically.  This is when both defenses will adjust to what the opposing offense is doing and will give themselves a full 15 minutes of glory.  Other than that, I make no promises.
  • Will There Be A Defensive or Special Teams Touchdown: Yes (+160): Both defenses are loaded with playmakers, and both offenses have QBs who can make a big mistake.  Furthermore, Baltimore kick returner Jacoby Jones is really, really good.
  • Will Colin Kaepernick Score a Rushing Touchdown: Yes (+110): This one is just a hunch, but I think that he will score a goal line TD.  I do not think he will rush for a ton of yards because Baltimore wants to make the chess match between Kaepernick's arm vs. Ed Reed's playmaking ability.

  • Will Ed Reed Intercept A Pass: Yes (+250): This is an @davegot special.  He doesn't think it's even a question if Reed picks off a pass; rather, whether or not when Reed picks the ball off, does he score?  Bold, very bold.  Just the way I like it.

  • Will Randy Moss Catch a TD Pass: Yes (+250): Moss has not been unleashed yet, and Kaepernick has the arm to launch one downfield for the still ridiculously tall and fast WR.  Like @davegot, this is the @sportsbygotti bold prediction.  I don't think it's a question of if, but how long will that TD be (53 is my guess).

  • Who Will Record a Catch First: Ray Rice or Randy Moss: Ray Rice (-160): Playing it safe with this one.  As much as I love me some Randy Moss, I don't think he'll catch a pass before the other Ray on Baltimore.
  • The First San Francisco First Down Will Result Due to a Rushing Play (+140): No team loves to run the ball more than SF, and who can blame them with one of the best ever assembled run-blocking offensive lines.  That O-line can hurt people.  Plus, Kaepernick runs a little bit.
  • Total Field Goals Attempted: Over/Under 4: Over (+110): This game may come down to Justin Tucker vs. David Akers, and for San Fran's sake, it better not.  These two defenses toughen up in the red zone, which should lead to plenty of 3-pointers attempted.
  • The Big One: San Francisco (-4) vs. Baltimore: I've waffled (mmm waffles) many times on this one, but not about who is going to win.  Four is such a perfect number for the spread.  This feels like a 31-27, 28-24 affair.  Baltimore, as I mentioned two weeks ago, plays up to superior opponents almost as well as it plays down to inferior ones, and the 49ers are the superior team.  Every scenario I've run through says the 49ers will win, but by how much?  I am going to air on the side of SFs ability to put points on the board in a variety of ways as well as making great second half adjustments on defense (just ask Atlanta) to shut opposing offenses down.  Give me San Francisco and I'll lay down the 4, reluctantly.  Final Score: San Francisco 34, Baltimore 28
Sorry, Ray-Ray.  Last dance falls one step short.

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